Hibiscus Cider


This cider contains a tropical thirst-quencher. Hibiscus, known for its excellent antioxidant properties is blended with sweet apples, juicy oranges and mint for a truly flowerful experience. All of our delicious ciders are hand-crafted, and cold-pressed. The final result is the freshest, most nutritious drink possible. 

hibiscus cider.png


Apple, Filtered Water, Orange, Hibiscus, Mint

Apple - 

  • Good source of fiber and vitamin A and C
  • Apple pectin helps reduce cholesterol levels by lowering insulin secretion
  • Provide a source of antioxidants and potassium which promote heart health

Orange - 

  • Good source of fiber, potassium and vitamin C (great for immune system)
  • Contains citrus flavanones, which helps lower inflammation and may reduce blood pressure
  • Rich in beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals and prevents signs of aging

Hibiscus - 

  • Good source of Vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system
  • Helps to lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol
  • Contains flavonoids and anthocyanins, which have been shown to support heart health

Mint - 

  • Good source of vitamins manganese and vitamins C and A
  • Mint is anti-microbial and is soothing to the digestive system
  • Contains menthol, which is a natural decongestant