Jamaican Cider


This cider contains an island-inspired blend of sweet apples, smooth mint and fresh ginger. Enjoy the refreshing flavors and healthy benefits of this jammin' blend. All of our delicious ciders are hand-crafted, and cold-pressed. The final result is the freshest, most nutritious drink possible. 


Apple, Purified Water, Ginger, Mint, Cinnamon

Apple -

  • Good source of fiber and vitamin A and C
  • Apple pectin helps reduce cholesterol levels by lowering insulin secretion
  • Great source of antioxidants and potassium which promote heart health

Ginger - 

  • Excellent for your digestive system and can help with nausea, indigestion, and upset-stomachs
  • Anti-inflammatory properties, which help with muscle and joint pain
  • Helps improve absorption and stimulation of essential nutrients in the body

Mint - 

  • Good source of vitamins manganese and vitamins and vitamins C and A
  • Mint is Anti-microbial and is soothing to the digestive system
  • Contains menthol, which is a natural decongestant

Cinnamon - 

  • Helps in lowering blood sugar levels and in increasing the insulin production in the body
  • Reduces LDL cholesterol levels (harmful cholesterol)
  • Anti-fungal properties