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How do you ship your refrigerated and frozen items?

We ship all perishable items in an insulated box with ice packs. Depending on the destination and time of year we ship using next day express delivery or 2-day express delivery.

Why is shipping on perishable items so expensive?

Perishable items must be shipped express so that they stay cold during transport. The cost for next day or 2-day shipments can be very expensive depending on location. There is also increased costs due to the insulated shipping box and the ice packs. We do not upcharge these costs and always do our best to provide the best shipping and handling costs possible.

Can you ship refrigerated, frozen and shelf stable items together?

Yes, we can ship combination boxes utilizing temp zones i.e., frozen items will be closest to ice packs, chilled items next and then dry items furthest from the ice packs. When expecting a perishable delivery, it is important to be home to receive it and put items into the refrigerator and or freezer.

Do you use sustainable shipping materials?

We use the most economical cooler kits that we have been able to find. The cardboard box is 100% recyclable and the kraft paper is as well. The styrofoam pieces that provide the insulation can be repurposed for other uses. We are always looking for more eco friendly solutions for our shipping materials but also must keep cost in mind.

What to do if your package arrives and ice packs are no longer frozen?

If a shipment arrives and the ice packs are no longer frozen your items still may be ok. If the products are still cool to the touch, please refrigerate/freeze immediately. If the products are warm or smelly, please reach out to our customer support team and we’ll arrange a replacement shipment for you.

Our Products

Are all Foodies Vegan products gluten free and soy free?

Yes, all our products are certified gluten free, and we do not use any ingredients containing soy.

Do you use nuts in your facility?

Yes, we use cashews in our Artichoke Burgers. We are extremely careful to avoid cross contamination as we take food safety very seriously.

Are your products Non-GMO certified?

Yes, all our products are proudly Non-GMO certified.

Are your products USDA certified organic?

Pumfu The Original and Pumpkin Seed Shoyu are both USDA organic certified. Our other products are made of predominately organic ingredients.


What is Pumfu?

Pumfu is a remarkable plant-based protein made from organic pumpkin seeds. It makes a great alternative to meat, tofu, cheese, eggs and more!

How is Pumfu The Original made?

Pumfu is made using gentle processing techniques that have been traditionally practiced for thousands of years. The process is very similar to making tofu.

Can I freeze Pumfu The Original and does it change the texture?

Yes, you can absolutely freeze Pumfu. After a freeze thaw you can expect Pumfu’s texture to change slightly. It becomes a bit more spongy and slightly darker green. In some instances, a small amount of oil separation can occur.

Where do you source your USDA Organic pumpkin seeds?

As nearly all organic pumpkin seeds come from Asia, we source our
pumpkin seeds from reputable Chinese farms that are strictly
regulated by the USDA. We also conduct third party testing to analyze heavy metal content in the seeds we source and have never had a positive test result.

What should Pumfu The Original look like?

Due to our minimal processing, every block of Pumfu Original is unique in its appearance. The shades of green can vary. You might get a light block one week and a dark block the next, both are completely normal and delicious. There may be light brown to dark brown specks and even white or pinkish smal peices that may resemble paper or mold. We assure you this is not mold! This is called yuba and is perfectly safe to eat.

What does Pumfu The Original taste like?

The best way to describe the taste of Pumfu The Original is a mild nutty flavor.

We like to think of it as a clean slate ready to take on whatever flavor you give it.

Is it okay if my Pumfu The Original has a strong smell?

Pumpkin seeds are full of vitamins and minerals and are different from batch to batch. This change can affect the smell and sometimes when you first open a package there can be a moment of off gassing. This is normal and can be resolved by simply rinsing the block of Pumfu.

What is the texture of Pumfu The Original?

Pumfu the Original has the texture of an extra firm block of tofu.

How long is Pumfu good for after I open it and how do I store it?

Once the seal is broken Pumfu should be kept in a refrigerator and
consumed with 5 days or frozen.

Is Pumfu Kosher?

Yes, Pumfu The Original like all our products is certified Kosher.

What are some of the ways I can prepare Pumfu?

The sky is the limit! Please refer to our recipe section.

Why is it sometimes green inside the chunks of Pumfu Sausage Crumble and Pumfu Chorizo Crumble?

The green color you sometimes see is simply Pumfu. We minimally process our products so what you are seeing is just Pumfu that did not get fully saturated with spices. It is not mold and as if the pack is sealed it is okay to eat.

My Pumfu has discoloration or mold. What is the brown/pinkish rubbery pieces in my Pumfu and is it safe to eat?

What you are seeing in your Pumfu is called Yuba. It is completely
normal and safe to eat. Yuba can show up as pinkish to brownish spots to bigger pieces, or a rubbery texture. It's a skin that forms while cooking the Pumfu. It doesn't happen often, but Pumfu is so minimally processed that some Yuba gets left in occasionally. 

Why are the Crumbles (Italian and/or Chorizo) and Sloppy Joe not 100%organic?

Organic ingredients can be very costly for us as a small family business and then that cost must be passed on to the customer. Keeping our products as partially non-organic but always Non-GMO allows them to be more accessible to varying budgets. Hopefully, in the future, as we continue to grow as a company, our buying powerwill too, and we can offer both organic and non-organic options of all our
products. However, you will notice that the main ingredient in our
crumbles, the pumpkin seeds, are 100% organic.

Why aren’t the spices listed out in the ingredient list?

While the FDA does not require individual spices be labeled on packaging and we have followed this guideline for many years for recipe proprietary reasons, we have decided that the need for transparency with the ever-growing amount of food allergies is very important and we are currently in the process of changing our ingredient labeling. All new packaging being produced for Foodies Vegan products will have
the spices listed out individually. It does however take time for the
new packaging to hit store shelves in all the different regions.
Detailed ingredients for each of our products can be found here on
our website.

Can Pumfu be eaten un-cooked?

During production Pumfu goes through a cooking process and is not considered a raw product. Because of this cooking process, you can eat Pumfu directly out of the package without any additional cooking if you’d like.

Is Pumfu raw?

No, Pumfu goes through a cooking process and is not considered a raw

How can I tell if my Pumfu is spoiled?

The easiest way to tell if your Pumfu has spoiled is if the package
begins to puff up with air. This means the vacuum seal has been
compromised and the Pumfu is spoiled. The other way to tell is
by smell. After opening the package of Pumfu, rinse the block with
cold water. If after rinsing the Pumfu has a string smell it may have
gone bad. If it has any type of strong sour smell instead of a mild,
nutty smell, the Pumfu is spoiled.

Are the pumpkin seeds soaked before production?

Yes. The pumpkin seeds do go through a soaking process before Pumfu production begins.

Why isn't Pumfu high in potassium if pumpkin seeds are?

According to the lab that performs our product testing, potassium is water soluble. Since the water is cooked and pressed out of Pumfu the potassium is dissolved and discarded along with that water. While our nutritional analysis was completed by a reputable laboratory
(Eurofins) on the finished Pumfu product, we are not healthcare
professionals and suggest reaching out to your doctor or

Artichoke Burger

Are Artichoke Burgers fried like most veggie burgers?

No, we do not fry our Artichoke Burgers rather we bake them. It’s much healthier and they still taste great.

Why aren’t your Artichoke Burgers available at Sprouts anymore?

Unfortunately, they were discontinued at Sprouts a while ago because they weren’t selling fast enough.

What's the best way to heat up an Artichoke Burger?

Sauteed in a pan with a small amount of oil (avocado oil is preferred.)

Can I grill Artichoke Burgers?

Yes, you can grill Artichoke Burgers, but you’ll need to take care when
flipping. Since we don’t use any ultra-processed binders Artichoke
Burgers can be a bit more fragile than other burgers.

Do you have any recipe ideas for Artichoke Burgers?

Yes, we have lots of cool recipes for Artichoke Burgers. Checkout our
recipe section here on our website.

Why aren’t Artichoke Burgersorganic?

Organic ingredients can be very costly for us as a small family business and then that cost must be passed on to the customer. Keeping our products as partially non-organic but always Non-GMO allows them to be more accessible to varying budgets. Hopefully, in the future, as we continue to grow as a company, our buying power will too, and we can offer both organic and non-organic options of all our products.


What makes PumThins so good?

We start with premium, whole food ingredients and the result is a delicious cracker with an excellent crunch.

Are PumThins Gluten Free?

Yes, PumThins are made with certified gluten free ingredients as are all of our products.

Why do you use avocado oil in PumThins?

We use avocado oil because studies have shown that it is much healthier
than sunflower oil and other commonly used oils. Avocado oil is
simply pressed from the pulp of an avocado. Almost 70% of avocado oil consists of heart-healthy oleic acid, a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid. This fatty acid is also the main component of olive oil and is
believed to be partly responsible for its health benefits.

When will PumThins be available at more stores?

We’re always working on adding our products to more stores. Please let us know if there is a particular store where you would like to see
PumThins available.