Taco Night x Pumfu® Chorizo Crumble

Big Taste. Simple Ingredients.

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Plant-based & Whole Food Rich

Welcome to the Foodies Family! A place where healthy eating doesn't mean compromising on flavor. We believe in delicious, wholesome ingredients and minimal processing. Most take the easy route and use highly processed, cheap, soy, gluten and isolates, but not us. All you'll find here are whole food ingredients like, veggies, grains, nuts, and seeds -- the good stuff.

Delicious high quality food, from our family to yours.

Words from our fans

"Delicious! Great soy free vegan alternative. Seasoned and fried in a few tablespoons of coconut oil."

Monica M

"I’m so happy Whole Foods finally carries Pumfu! I’ve been purchasing this product online for over a year. This product is fantastic and so much better than tofu!"

Heather G

"Ordered 10 directly from the company. Super firm, yummy and easy to make crispy. I marinate it in anything I can find and it always comes out delish. Great for folks not used to tofu and a wonderful protein source."

Lisa B