About Us

Our Story begins with founder, CEO, and Mom, Valerie. Her love of food and health started at a young age. As a teenager, Valerie made the decision to become a vegetarian and has never looked back! She has since spent her entire life dedicated to a raw, vegan, and vegetarian lifestyle. After owning a vegan restaurant and spending numerous years in the food industry, Valerie's passion for food has only continued to grow. This passion was passed along to her 5 kids and one fateful day, she and her three oldest sons decided to build a business based around their shared love of food.

And so Foodies was born!

We are a true family business; Though our products and packaging have changed over the years, our love of food has continued to grow and our commitment to clean, whole food ingredients is stronger than ever!

So welcome to the Foodies Family–we're so excited to share our delicious products with you!

Our History

For over 17 years Foodies has manufactured plant based food with a conscience. We aim to produce products with simple whole food ingredients for all to enjoy. That was the mission when we started in 2007 and continues to be the mission today.

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Foodies® is Born

Foodies Vegan LTD (Five Star Foodies) is born! CEO Valerie and her three eldest sons decide to take their family recipes and share them with the world.


We love local!

After becoming a local favorite at the Cincinnati farmers markets, we begin to pitch our products to local grocery stores.


Partenered with Whole Foods!

The Mid-Atlantic region of Whole Foods picks up our products in 40+ stores,

a total dream come true!


Stepping our game up!

We purchase a packaging line, allowing us to launch in over 300 Giant locations, and Stop & Shop stores. No more hand gluing cartons for us, we we’re moving up to the big leagues


Artchoke Burgers win Best of Show at Expo!

We attend both Natural Products Expo East and West, launching two new Artichoke Burger flavors. Veg News awards our burgers as “ Best of Show” at Expo East, and features us in their summer issue!


Partenered with ACOSTA!

We partnered with a national broker enabling us to grow in new markets and regions, including Wegmans and Earthfare in the East and South; Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Mother's and Erewhon on the West Coast; and even as far as Hawaii at their local Down to Earth grocery chain.


The Year Pumfu Is Born!

We introduce our newest, and most popular product to date, PUMFU, winning the Nexty award for Best new Meat and Dairy Alternative.


It’s A Big Year for Pumfu!

Pumfu launches at Whole Foods Southern Pacific and Rocky Mountain regions. Pumfu also launches at the meal service Hungryroot. Later that year, we expand the Pumfu line, launching 3 new flavors.

the Foodies Fam!


Moving On Up!

We move into our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen facility after over a year of construction! At 10x bigger than our previous space, we finally have room to grow! We’re working on so many new and exciting things, including our newest product line, Pumthins, launching very soon!

For The 💛 of Food & Family

Our Values


More love, less judgement.

We're not here to judge—we're just here to make really good vegan food in the most mindful way. Our products are designed for those who love to eat well, regardless of the lifestyle they subscribe to. We'll meet you wherever you are—whether that's experimenting with Meatless Mondays or committing to a fully vegan way of life. Our mission is simple: Make delicious vegan food for all.


Made in a kitchen, not in a laboratory.

Our recipes are made with wholesome, conscious ingredients in a real kitchen because we believe food should be a lifeforce, not a science project. In our kitchen, less is more and consciousness is key. All of our recipes are intentionally crafted with real, whole foods like protein-packed plants and less add-ons, like preservatives, sugar and allergens.


Palate-Driven Recipes.

We want to change the way people think about vegan food—mainly, that the only option is tofu. We make delicious food. The fact that it's vegan? That's simply an extra. We're constantly evolving and experimenting with fermentation and underutilized ingredients to create refined recipes that excite the palate and respect the planet. Vegan food isn't revolutionary—we're just revolutionizing the way people consume it.


Family Is Everything.

We’re fortunate to not only share the same last name, but also the same philosophies on food. A family of five kids, we grew up sharing gourmet plant-based meals in our family’s vegetarian restaurant in the 90s. Though we all ventured off to experiment with different eating habits, we ultimately made our way back to our roots. Today, our kitchen is jam-packed with family––mom runs the show, grandma, The Boss, keeps us all in check, and our aunts, uncles and cousins play crucial roles as official taste testers. We eat together, we work together and we still manage to love each other.